Product - Kyoto throat throat lozenges (iron box) Introduction


Kyoto throat throat lozenges (iron box)


This product is valuable Medicinal and Edible orange, Mangosteen, fruit, bitter almond, honeysuckle and so on. Extraction method for the use of modern traditional Chinese medicine refining made with Liyan throat, especially for tobacco and alcohol too much, those long night, long-term use, no side effects.

Product Type: sugar, starch syrup-based hard candy (herbal flavor)

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, fruit, Mangosteen, orange, bitter almond, honeysuckle.

Food additives: Menthol

Approval Number: Guangdong food workers card characters (2003), No. 5100A00039

Product standards: SB/T10018

Production License No.: QS445113010980

Usage: 1 capsule sublingual

Note: Note choking choking when eating

Storage: Store in cool dry place, avoid sunlight

Shelf life: Two years