Product - Kyoto exceptionally strong jets Po (iron box) Introduction


Kyoto exceptionally strong jets Po (iron box)


Kyoto, Kyoto is particularly strong jets Po throat of another natural product, the use of carefully refined from pure natural plant. Original recipe loquat exclusive, Qingyan throat, can effectively relieve dry mouth. Portable, easy to take, to meet the needs of the younger generation. Fresh breath can bring you fresh and refreshing feeling. For long-distance travel, outdoor work, teachers, and smokers, who long night. Kyoto exceptionally strong jets Po lets you cool refreshing sound, throat Run heart.

Product Type: sugar, starch syrup-based hard candy

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, loquat extract (loquat, Campanulaceae, bitter almond, of Orange), honey.

Food additives: Menthol

Approval Number: Guangdong food workers card characters (2003), No. 5100A00039

Product standards: SB/T10018

Production License No.: QS445113010980

Usage: 1 capsule sublingual

Note: Note choking choking when eating

Storage: Store in cool dry place, avoid sunlight

Shelf life: Two years